Console - Science - Field Generator

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Console - Science - Field Generator
Common Ship Science Console
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__ Maximum Shield Capacity

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The Field Generator is a Science Console that increases maximum shield capacity.

Field Generators increase your maximum shield capacity by adding to your Starship Shield Systems skill.

The Uncommon version, scaled to player's level, can be obtained by KDF players from replays of the the mission "Friend or Foe", and by Romulan players from the mission "Revelation".

The Mk XI Rare console can only be crafted by players (in Bind on Equip form) or purchased from the Dilithium store (in Bind on Pickup form) for 11,350 Refined dilithium icon.png.

The Mk XII Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare consoles (in Bind on Equip form) can be obtained by achieving a Failure, Success or Critical Success on the “Fabricate Prototype Console from Alien Artifact” assignment from the "Children's Toys" assignment chain.

Currently, this console does again stack when used in multiple slots

The shield capacity bonus from this console does stack additively with the innate +30% shield capacity bonus on science ships. Equipping this console on a science ship will therefore result in an +26.9% increase in its overall shield capacity for the +18% console or +30.8% for the +20% console. Beware that the shield capacities reported on the tooltip of shield arrays will already factor in the science ship bonus if you currently have that ship active.

Mark Maximum Shield Capacity Value (Energy credit icon.png)
Uncommon Rare Very Rare Uncommon Rare Very Rare
XI +17% +18% +19% 18,728
XII +18% +19% +20% 15,005 18,728 22,564