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A Character Slot is a slot allowing you to create a player character. All character slots are currently unrestricted, meaning they can be used to create Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force, or Romulan Republic characters.

All players start with 3 unrestricted character slots. Players who subscribe to the game are given an additional character slot, however if your subscription ends and the slot is unused, it is lost. Subscribers can also unlock extra slots for being 300 and 600-day veterans. Lifetime subscribers unlock these two slots immediately.

Players can also purchase up to 40 additional character slots via the C-Store, for a potential total of 46 characters per account. Character slots come in packs of two (625 Zen small icon.png) or four (1065Zen small icon.png).

Foundry[edit | edit source]

Players receive 1 Slot for Foundry content creation. If a player wishes to create content for both factions, they must use one of their other character slots to create another foundry creation character.

Tribble and Redshirt Test Servers[edit | edit source]

Characters on the Tribble or Redshirt test servers do not count towards a players number of used character slots on the Holodeck live server. However players cannot create more characters on the test servers than their account has unlocked, for example if a player has unlocked a total of 10 character slots on their account, they cannot create more than 10 per test server.

Cryptic sometimes restricts the number of characters that can be created on or copied to the test servers.

Prior to Legacy of Romulus[edit | edit source]

Before the launch of Season 5 each user account initially had two character slots, which could be used for creating Federation faction characters. A 3rd slot was unlocked when one of your characters reached Lieutenant 6, as well as the ability to create Klingon faction characters.

From the launch of Season 5 until the launch of the Legacy of Romulus expansion, players were given two restricted character slots, no longer able to unlock a third:

  • 1 Starfleet only character slot (unrestricted for players who subscribed before Season 5)
  • 1 Klingon only character slot (unrestricted for players who subscribed before Season 5)

The launch of Legacy of Romulus gave all players an additional character slot once more, so that all players begin with 3, and all 3 slots were unrestricted. With these changes, two chances to gain additional character slots have been lost:

  • Subscribers who chose the annual subscription option (only available prior to launch) received 2 additional slots.
  • Lifetime subscribers who purchased their subscription before release got two additional slots.

Considering the third free slot all players now have, it is merely a loss of one slot.

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