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A Romulan Scimitar firing the Cascading Biogenic Pulse.
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Thalaron Pulse is a powerful area-of-effect weapon used by Scimitar-class Dreadnoughts. This weapon deals massive thalaron radiation damage, even through shields, in a very wide cone in a forward arc.

In order to fire the Cascading Biogenic Pulse, the Scimitar must stop moving - including turning. Then the wings unfold and split into several smaller vanes. Players engaged in combat against a Scimitar should stay alert for these warning signs and take proper evasive action to escape the firing arc of the impending attack. Additionally, while charging the Thalaron pulse, you are unable to fire any of you weapons or use your other abilities, making you an easy target for any nearby hostile players (in PVP) as you can neither move nor shoot back for 12 seconds The secondary shield skill can increase your survivability while charging the Thalaron pulse.

In PVE, the Thalaron pulse is a good crowd controller (as it hits anything in a range of 10 km as long as it is within the 90° cone), provided that the enemy stays inside the cone (Borg spheres tend to move so fast that they are unlikely to stay inside the cone long enough for it to hit)

The damage of the Thalaron pulse is "exotic damage", meaning that modules/skills that increase exotic damage will also increase the damage of the Thalaron pulse (they won't speed up the charge process though)

Scimitars often fire the Cascading Biogenic Pulse immediately after decloaking.

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