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A Bridge officer (sometimes called by the acronym, "BOFF") in Star Trek Online is a commissioned member of your bridge crew. Bridge officers are available to the player in both ground and space play. Players can view their current bridge officers by opening their status screens (defaulted to the U key on your keyboard). On the left side of this window lists your player, ship and bridge officer stats and information. A Captain may maintain no more than 54 bridge officers.


Players can develop their bridge officers much like they develop their own character by giving them promotions and new skills.


Players can promote their officers when they have spent a sufficient amount of skill points on them, such as ranking the officer from Ensign/Bekk to Lieutenant would require the player has spent a minimum of 200 bridge officer skill points on their abilities. To promote an officer use the Career Options button at the bottom of an officer's status page. Select the Promote option and a dialogue box will be opened with details of the promotion.

Careers and ranks[edit]

Bridge officers follow a similar rank system to that of players however the highest ranked bridge officer a player can attain currently is that of Commander. This adheres to Star Trek lore as except in extremely rare cases you would never find more than one Captain or Admiral as part of ship's main crew.

In addition to following a similar ranking system, they also follow the same profession choices that a player can choose for themselves - which are Engineering, Tactical and Science. On most ships, players always have at least one position available to each profession. Some ships, such as the Klingon Bird-of-Prey and Danube Class Runabout, have universal bridge slots. Universal bridge slots mean you can put any profession of officer in that station.

New Crew[edit]


Bridge Officer Candidates serve two purposes. They can either become a full member of your bridge crew or they can be used to train a current bridge officer with a new skill. The skills they can train are possessed by the candidate themselves. Different candidates can have different skills.

Candidates are primarily available from a requisition officer, such as Elsa Mora at Earth Spacedock or V'Qlar in First City. (See Bridge Officer Vendors for a complete list). New candidates may be purchased using Dilithium, and once acquired, are available to to be commissioned. A Captain may maintain no more than twelve (12) uncommissioned candidates.

To commission a candidate, open the status window (defaults to the U key on your keyboard), and navigate to the "Stations" tab. This tab will show you your current ships stations, your standard away team and your bridge officer candidates. To give the candidate a commission right click on the candidate and a menu will appear with an option to do so.

Candidates can also obtained periodically when a candidate asks to be assigned to your ship.

Assignments rewarding Bridge Officers[edit]

See also: Assignments rewarding bridge officers

There are also Recruitment duty officer assignments which reward Bridge Officers of various races, (excluding C-Store or special officers) such as Ferengi, Alien, Trill, Saurian, Bolian, Klingon, Gorn, Andorian, Human, Orion, Lethean... etc.
Note: Some assignments are faction specific and may require higher Commendation ranks.

Commissioned Officers[edit]

When an officer candidate becomes part of your crew, they are Commissioned Officers. You must have Bridge Officer slots to add more officers. As you level up in rank, you gain more slots. You can also purchase more slots from the C-Store.

To commission a candidate to a bridge officer:

  • Right click on the candidate
  • Select commission

At the time of commissioning, the player will obtain a one-time opportunity to edit the officer's name, and to change their clothing and appearance without visiting a tailor.

Once a candidate is commissioned, you can PROMOTE them to a higher rank, which enables their higher space and ground abilities. You can only promote an officer to a rank below yourself. The first time you can promote officers is when you achieve the rank of Lt.Cmdr.

When you are able, you can also train some of your abilities to a bridge officer of your same division; engineering, tactical, or science.

Once a candidate becomes a bridge officer, you can no longer sell him/her/it on the Exchange.

Fully fledged officers who already have a commission can sometimes be obtained through quests, notably quests early in the game when the player has less than three (or four) officers. There are also some granted in this manner that are non-tradeable and may be of races not otherwise available (such as Jem'Hadar).


Bridge officers and candidates have a system of rarity similar to items, which affects their traits:

Rarity Traits
Common 2x Basic
2x Standard
Uncommon 1x Basic
3x Standard
Rare 1x Basic
2x Standard
1x Superior
Very Rare 2x Standard
2x Superior

Trading and Exchanging Officers[edit]

Once you've acquired a bridge officer candidate, you may want to trade that officer.

Direct Trade[edit]

Special Bridge Officers (Amazon/C-Store Borg, EMH, Breen, Reman, Jem'Hadar) cannot be traded this way.

  • You need to be within 5 feet/5 km with another player character to trade
    • Open the trade dialogue (target the person, right click on their portrait, select trade)
  • Go to your character status window, you can drag a candidate officer into the trade window.

Through The Exchange[edit]

Candidates (in the Assignments tab) can be traded with other players; either through direct trade, or via the exchange. In both cases no Merits/Honor are used, but candidates on the exchange cost energy credits, and the costs of direct trade are at the discretion of both parties.

Via Mail[edit]

Candidates can be sent through the mail to other characters (on a players account) or other players. This can only be done at a mail console that allows adding items to a message.

  • Go to a mail terminal
  • Compose a new message
  • Open the Character Status window
    • Switch to the Assignments tab
  • Drag the candidate to an open item slot in the mail window

Note that once you have commissioned a candidate to Bridge Officer, you can no longer mail them.



Bridge officers use a skill point system much like players use for their character, however prior to Season 6 they were specifically called bridge officer skill points. Now they are known as Expertise points. See main article: Expertise

Getting new abilities[edit]

There are three known methods of giving new abilities to your officers.

The first is by using candidates. When you have a candidate and have given them a commission you are confronted with a new window to select their purpose. The two main choices are "Train Up" and "Join". Join would immediately place them into your crew as an officer. Train up allows you to switch abilities on another officers. Abilities can only be switched with officers and candidates of the same career. To switch an ability, click the Train up option. This presents players a window for them to choose the ability they want to be trained to one of their current officers. Simply select the ability, then the officer, then click the "Train" button.

The second is by directly using a trainer such as the unnamed Bridge Officer Trainer located in the Personnel section of the Earth Spacedock or the Warriors Hall of First City. To train a new ability simply find the ability you want, click on it to open up a small drop down menu, choose the bridge officer you wish to give the ability to and then finally select the "Train" button. This method is much easier than the candidates option as abilities are easier to acquire, however typically costs more to do.

The third option is available through your player. When your player reaches rank 3, 6 or 9 in certain abilities you may teach those abilities to bridge officers for free. To do this open up your status window (default: U key) and choose your Captain from the left side menu. When chosen your Captain will be displayed on screen. At the bottom of this window is a button called "Train Officer". If you have no abilities that can be trained to an officer this button will disabled.

Be cautious as this will remove the current ability that the bridge officer has. Such as if I bought a new engineering candidate that has the Ensign/Bekk level Engineering Team I ability and wanted to give this to my current engineering officer who already has an Ensign/Bekk level ability of Emergency Power to Shields I, it would overwrite that ability with the new one. Any points spent in the previous ability are LOST and do NOT carry over to the new ability.

Training through Trade[edit]

Note:As of 2/12/15 Commissioned Officers can no longer be traded with other players.

Using abilities[edit]

Bridge officers abilities are either used automatically or manually through your HUD. On ground missions your officers may sometimes automatically use abilities if the need to use it is urgent. In space the player must manually use the abilities. These abilities are icons located under the bridge officer section of your HUD whilst flying your ship. Each specific ability is linked to the type of officer that will use it and is represented as such.

List of abilities[edit]

See main article: Bridge officer ability
See additional article: List of skills trainable by captain

Using your officers[edit]


Members of your bridge crew will typically form your away team for ground missions and ground combat. If a player is playing a mission with other players then members of the bridge crew are replaced with the other players. If slots are left they will be filled with members of the bridge crew. On away missions your officers will provide the player with various types of support. They offer fire-power from all types of careers, however officers with a Tactical background excel in this area. Engineering officers can provide support in the form of turrets and shield regeneration skills. Science officers are able to heal you and your team and provide buffs and debuffs.

When playing in a team with other players, the number of bridge officers included in an away team will be reduced so that the total away team size does not exceed 5. For example if you're in a team of 3 players, 2 bridge officer will be part of your away team. By default bridge officers are evenly chosen from players bridge crews, however the team leader has the ability to decide which officers beam down, or allow team members to choose their respective officers.

The size of the away team can exceed 5 under special circumstances and can even reach a maximum of 25 officers on the ground (5 players with 4 bridge officers each). This can be accomplished by each player entering the ground portion mission separately instead of beaming down as a group. Specifically, after reaching the ground portion of a mission - but before beaming down - have all but one player leave the map and go to sector space. Next, have the first player beam down with a full away team. Afterwards, another player should re-enter the mission and beam down. That player will be allowed to select a full away team, as well, and when beaming down. Repeat these steps until all members of a team have beamed down.

Space Combat[edit]

When the player is involved in space combat the officers provide the player with various skills that can be used to shape the course of the battle. These skills are by default located to the bottom-right side of the player's HUD and are categorized by career type (Tactical, Engineer and Science). To activate a skill simply left click it with your mouse or use one of the keyboard shortcuts (by default these are special links with the ALT key and a number).


Bridge Officers can be assigned to specific bridge stations on your ship. In most cases, each bridge station requires a specific career — tactical, engineering, or science — and rank — Ensign, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, or Commander. Only bridge officers of the correct career can be assigned to a career-specific bridge station; any bridge officer may be assigned to a Universal station. Bridge officers will only be able to use their abilities corresponding to the rank up to and including the rank of their station, even if they have been promoted and trained to a higher rank.

For example, a Science bridge officer station may only be filled by a Science Officer. If that officer has been promoted to Commander rank, but the station is a Lieutenant station, the officer can only use his/her Ensign and Lieutenant abilities while assigned to that station, and will not be able to use his/her Lt. Commander or Commander, abilities.

The exact configuration of bridge officer stations is different for each starship class, which can be a factor in deciding which class of ship for your character to command. Most ships will possess at least one each of Tactical, Engineering, or Science stations, and some may also possess Universal stations. It is common for ships to have four or more stations, in which case there are multiple stations in at least one career category.


Race and Gender[edit]

Players are unable to change the race and gender of their bridge officers. If the player wants a bridge officer of a specific race and gender they will need to acquire a new candidate from a requisition officer.

Features and Clothes[edit]

Tailors can be found in Federation bases by locating large holographic Andorian statues

Although players can't edit the species of a bridge officer, they can adjust their features - such as hair, eyebrows, tattoos, scars, complexion and scaling options. They can also edit their uniforms enabling players looking to have a specific uniform set for their whole bridge crew. To edit their uniforms and features visit a clothier/tailor, such as Ghemik Temur on Earth Spacedock or Taluk at First City. Although the "clothier/tailor" name implies that it is clothing only, it will let the player change features. The first set of changes made are free if the player hasn't altered that officer before, however further changes cost varying amounts of Energy Credits.

However, some special bridge officers (such as the Breen from the Deferi Mission “Cold Storage”) cannot be modified.


Bridge officers have up to 4 traits which cannot be changed. Like player character traits, these benefit the individual officer or team as a whole. Different traits are suited to different professions and roles. Required racial traits also apply.

Almost all bridge officer traits are ground -- only a very few have a space trait, such as some Saurians and the Borg Bridge Officer that was available from the pre-order package, both have Efficient, which increases the efficiency of ship subsystems by 5%. However, Humans all possess the racial trait Leadership which provides 20% faster damage and subsystem repair. So in the absence of either of the former, you would be better served manning all your space stations with humans. Conversely, your away (ground) team should NOT consist of humans or any other Boffs with space traits, instead you should concentrate on Boffs with Superior ground traits, and traits that augment that Boffs' abilities. A Tactical Boff (warrior) would be better served with traits like Warrior or Lucky. An Engineer (tank) would be better served with traits like Creative. A Scientist (healer) would be better served with traits like Empathic.


When you create a character, be sure of the name you choose for that character, because further revisions to their name require the player to buy a "rename" from the Cryptic store using Zen.

This is not the case with bridge officers, you can rename a bridge officer at any time through your character window. This change does cost Energy Credits but no Zen.

To edit an officers name, open the status window (default: U key). Use the list on the left hand side of the status window to select the officer you wish to rename. Once selected choose the "Rename" button and input a new name. Your first rename is free, subsequent renames will cost you credits.

Special Bridge Officers[edit]

There are several special bridge officers within the game.

Tutorial bridge officers[edit]




C-Store exclusives[edit]



  • Caitian Bridge Officer - Available for 500Zen small icon.png per officer through the C-Store. Only available for Starfleet captains. Also available as a common Intel officer for 200 dilithium in game from the bridge officer store.



Lobi Store[edit]




Ingame rewards[edit]









Diplomacy rewards[edit]

Federation Enemy Faction[edit]

KDF Enemy Faction[edit]

  • KDF Enemy Faction Bridge Officer - an officer from certain Starfleet races (Andorian, Ferengi, Human, Trill) awarded by Marauder Kazzgur for reaching the commendation rank of Marauder.
  • Note: Many of these officers can not be customised at the Tailor. Any changes to the extremely limited Options will revert when trying to finalize the change. (Seems to be a positive glitch, If player purchased miners outfit from fleet mine. Character can wear parts of that outfit and changes do not revert.)

Fleet rewards[edit]

Romulan Embassy rewards[edit]





  • These bridge officers were given to characters whose in game wealth was significantly devalued in the conversion to the dilithium economy introduced with Season 5. They are extremely rare.