Bridge Officer Trainer (Starfleet)

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StarfleetBridge Officer Trainer (Starfleet)
Bridge Officer Trainer.png
Earth Spacedock
Bridge Officer Trainer

The Bridge Officer Trainer is a Starfleet Tactical officer of an as-yet-unknown alien race, who can assist players in training their bridge officers. He is located in the "Operations" area at Earth Spacedock, to the right of the Transporter Room and up the stairs.

[edit] Trained Abilities

The Bridge Officer Trainer allows players to teach their Bridge Officers most Rank I or II abilities, but not Rank III. For a list of abilities and the officer ranks requires to get them, see the Bridge officer abilities article. Barracks of First City for Klingons.

[edit] Ability Training Costs

Each bridge officer rank requires different costs to train abilities, they are:

  • Ensign: 75 Energy credit icon.png
  • Lieutenant: 150 Energy credit icon.png
  • Lt. Commander: 225 Energy credit icon.png
  • Commander: 300 Energy credit icon.png