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Healing General Accolades are obtained by healing a certain amount of health, hull or shields. Again, three stacking Accolades can be obtained in different categories. The last Accolade in some categories grants a health bonus and a special player title.


Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Friendly Fix icon.png Friendly Fix Heal damage on any captain (1,500) 10
Reciprocal Rehabilitation icon.png Reciprocal Rehabilitation Heal damage on any captain (15,000) 25
Top Flight Triage icon.png Top Flight Triage Heal damage on any captain (30,000) 50 "Medic" title and Top Flight Triage power (+2% health points)
Entrenched Engineering icon.png Entrenched Engineering Heal damage on any ship (5,000) 10
Adjusting Anti-Gravity icon.png Adjusting Anti-Gravity Heal damage on any ship (60,000) 25
Dilithium Debugging icon.png Dilithium Debugging Heal damage on any ship (120,000) 50 "Engineer" title and Dilithium Debugging power (+2% health points (Space))