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Suppressing Fire is not an AoE ability as such, but it will apply its debuff to any enemy that you hit. This can be beneficial for crowd control purposes, and can be complemented by special abilities of weapons like the Split Beam Rifle; however, it has a three-second drop-off time. The graphical effect for this ability is also glaringly obvious due to its size; your enemies in PvP will easily see it.

It can also be used well with grenades (Plasma Grenade in particular).

Basic Information[edit]

  • Profession: Tactical
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: Suppressing Fire enhances your firearms, slowing and debuffing the damage of any targets you shoot.

Detailed Information[edit]

Ability Ranks[edit]

Ability/User Rank CD SPR Ability Effects
Rank I: Lieutenant 18s 100
  • Grants Suppressing Fire I for 8 sec
  • to target: Applies Suppressing Fire I to target
  • -15% All Damage strength for 3 sec
  • -75% Run Speed for 3 sec
Rank II: Lt Commander 18s 150
  • Grants Suppressing Fire II for 10.5 sec
  • to target: Applies Suppressing Fire II to target
  • -20% All Damage strength for 3 sec
  • -100% Run Speed for 3 sec
Rank III: Commander 18s 200
  • Grants Suppressing Fire III for 13 sec
  • to target: Applies Suppressing Fire III to target
  • -25% All Damage strength for 3 sec
  • -125% Run Speed for 3 sec


  • Oddly, this ability can reduce Run Speed at and past -100% which should root the target, however doesn't. It is likely the numbers for these are bugged.
  • Your Captain may require the use of a Kit to use the skill if it's applicable.


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